This year I celebrate 15 years in missions serving with YWAM! In May I will travel with a team of women, and 1 yr old harvest joy to Papua New Guinea to run a Brave:Love women's gathering. 

PC Abby Beard

PC Abby Beard


What is Brave:Love ? 

Brave Love is more than a message. It is a Movement meant to activate each and every woman into their God given design and destiny.   Women have a unique ability to love and, when activated, that love brings transformation to everyone around them. 

What began 5 years ago as 30 women gathered in a garage for a weekend of seeking the Lord has grown into a global movement of women giving their wholehearted 'YES' to love beyond themselves. To love like Jesus. 

While we have seen many large gatherings, Bible studies and weekend events - we see Brave:Love most active in our daily, simple 'Yes' to love our children, our neighbors, the lonely and the broken.


To hear more  - check out these amazing podcasts! 

Why Papua New Guinea (PNG)? 

The Government of PNG has recently invited YWAM to help them reshape their nation. Wild huh?! PNG is a developing nation of around 11million people, boasting over 800 languages! Basic health and education needs are still not common, abuse of women and children is high.

In response to this YWAM is running seminars and training schools, with  focus this year on assessing how best to serve and shape this nation. Empowering Women is on the docket. We couldn't think of a better way to empower the women of PNG than the Brave:Love message! To equip them to rise into their destiny as radical life bringers and lovers of Jesus and His people! 

What will we do? 

Together with 4 friends, Harvest and I will travel to PNG May 19-28th to run a Brave:Love women's gathering in the city of Alotau. Working with local leaders and missionaries on the ground our team is already identifying a group of catalytic  local women- the influencers. While the invitation for this 5 day event is open, we will focus specific time and training to equip these key PNG women. So that the message of Brave:Love can multiply beyond this one event. 

We will be asking and listening lots. Brave:Love is more than a message or an idea, it always has a love response that meets practical needs. A key outcome of this innitial time in PNG is to gather local women into groups, working to bring solutions to some of the biggest issues facing women in PNG currently (clean water, education, kingdom business, safe childbirth, infant health and care etc). 

You're taking the baby?! 

Yes! We feel a core message for the women of PNG is the mothering heart that activates a nation (taken from the Biblical example of Deborah) to follow in the ways of God. We want to train them one woman to another. Jeff and I also feel a strong theme over Harvest Joy's life is the mother's heart, missions and bringing people to Jesus ( the 'Harvest'!). It's such a joy to take her along and sow these seeds of destiny into her young life! Also... we're still nursing. 



Be a PART! 

You can donate towards the flights and ground fees of this trip. Total cost of flights is $2200 (yes, its really costly to travel to remote places!) plus ground fees and ministry fees of about $500. You can give easily over PAYPAL or contact me directly if you'd like to mail a check etc. I can't wait to update you! 




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